Our Classes to 31st August 2020

We will be opening up for classes limited in numbers so that we can set a 2 metre distancing policy throughout the sessions.  this means that stunting and partner activities will not occur and coaches will not physically spot skills, but will coach through drills and instructions.

Please call us or complete the form on the Contact page if you would likw the current timetables.

Tumbling Grades

Our Grade Classes teach the drills and skills of floor-based tumbling., focusing on great technique and a participant focused approach.  

You can take our tumbling grade classes by themselves or combine them with any of our others.  If a participant taking part in our competitive Cheerleading teams then we recommend attending a tumble class each week as well as squad training.


Private Tumbling

These can be booked as one-off’s or in multiples.


Jumps, Motions & Dance

Important elements in competitive cheerleading routines these classes will provide drills to improve jumps, focus on precision of movement and arm positions (motions).  Synchronization, power and performance skills.  


Flyer Skills & Drills

Core strength, flexibility, precision and the ability to synchronise to specific counts. This class will focus on the specific areas our flyers must excel at.  h


Fitness Stations

A circuit based fun class working on all round fitness skills of strength, endurance and flexibility.  Tumblers, Cheerleaders, dancers, siblings, mums and dads are all welcome.  Get fit together!